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What if the Mahtomedi School District Referendum Recount causes the vote to fail?

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Mahtomedi school levy recount set for Wednesday

By Joe Kimball | Published Mon, May 10 2010 11:51 am

A recount will be held Wednesday in the Mahtomedi school district’s $45 million levy vote that passed with a 22-vote margin on April 27.

The district says a valid petition — and a $500 recount fee — was received to start the recount process.

Washington County officials will conduct the recount — school officials say the county has experience both with elections and with the recount process and requirements. It will be Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Washington County Government Center Board Room, fifth floor, south wing. The recount is open to the public.

Voters had been asked to raise property taxes by $45 million to replace Wildwood Elementary and renovate its three other schools and the District Education Center and upgrade athletic facilities. There were 3,476 ballots cast, and it passed by 22.

As a homeowner and Realtor ( in the Mahtomedi School District, I am doubly interested in the outcome of this recount.  We live and work in an area where people have strong opinions about the quality of education. We are also all affected by the subsequent property values.

Some citizens have concerns about building a new school on a former dump site. Have there been studies conducted of any toxic emissions from this site?

Other folks have mentioned that they are happy to support quality education, but think that $45 million is too expensive for the rebuilding of a new school. They have concerns that there are a lot of extras tagged on to this referendum that are unnecessary. Do you agree?

How do we as citizens and parents and homeowners find the right balance?  We want to do the right thing and we want to be fiscally responsible. And we want our children to have the best in education.

Will you write to me ( or respond to this blog with your thoughts? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Thank you.

Nancy Uppgren



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